Sofiana combines bank risk management, artificial intelligence and the cloud
to offer state-of-the-art technology to financial institutions

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At Sofiana, we foresee a future where banks will run stress tests to make strategic decisions rather than to comply with regulatory requirements. Stress tests can leverage artificial intelligence to predict bank's balance sheet behavior with great precision and as a result optimize capital adequacy and return on investment.
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Read Sofiana's White Paper on the benefits of performing stress tests
Accurately forecasting how much deposit levels will shift in the near future is critical in any bank's balance sheet strategy. Artificial intelligence can be utilized to estimate non-maturity demand deposits and predict bank liquidity and core levels in the short/mid term.
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Loans portfolio forecasting can be implemented with artificial intelligence to predict losses as required by the CECL regulation. As opposed to traditional methods such as Vintage and WARM that aggregate loans in pools summarizing information with a high level approach, artificial intelligence works accurately at the transaction level optimizing loan allowance calculation.
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